Ending Health Care Injustice

I’m a medical doctor treating patients across Virginia, I’m currently the Regional Medical Director for a correctional health services company for prisons in Virginia – that provides medical services to individuals in prisons and jails in VA, NC, SC and TN.


I know how we can reinvigorate our approach to health care to ensure that we make such care available to all who need it, because health care is an inalienable right. Millions of Americans are without healthcare coverage leading to higher premiums for those who are on medical insurance.


As your Congressman, I will do my best to bring people together, creating a local committee to research all the scientific facts and data by listening to our constituents, doctors and nurses! All this will be done while trying to reach a plan that can get Our citizens a top quality and affordable medical care that they need.


Moreover, I will fight hard to make sure that the current status quo of our healthcare system is fixed and a smooth transition plan will be implemented while we are moving our healthcare plan forward toward a better affordable top quality healthcare plan for all.


We need to ensure that care is available to every Virginian, wealthy or poor — everyone deserves access to quality affordable health care. Health care also needs to be affordable for all families. Yearly increases in insurance premiums are putting; quality, affordable full coverage with low deductibles and low out-of-pocket expenses, health care out of reach for many Virginians.


We have to change the healthcare industry into a collective good and an inalienable right for all Americans.

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