Michael Brooks, M.D., Virginia Voter

“I know Shadi is highly qualified and strongly support him for U.S. Congress.”

J. Connolly, Virginia Voter

“I’ve known Dr. Ayyas for two years and found him to be exceptional due to his unparalleled commitment and dedication, genuine compassion and respectfulness in the health care field.”

Shadi Gojamli, Virginia Voter

“Dr. Ayyas is wonderful person, excellent physician and has a kind personality.”

Mark Miller, M.P.H., Virginia Voter

“I worked with Dr. Ayyas in 2019 as a health care administrator. He is passionate about quality health care and responsive government.”

Anthony Nozzoli, Virginia Voter

“Shadi is a smart, humane and caring person, he will be a great U.S. Representative for our congressional district.”

Kamal Sinan, M.D., Virginia Voter

“I have worked with and known Dr. Ayyas for more than two years in the health care field. He is a professional asset for the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

Robert Norgrove, P.A., Virginia Voter

“I’ve known Shadi for years and know he will be an excellent U.S. Congressman for all the people!”

Amir Zandinjad, Virginia Voter

“As a small business owner, I support Dr. Ayyas for Congress because he is a very motivating, positive and supportive person.”

Annette Slafter, Virginia Voter

“I’m glad to support Dr. Shadi Ayyas for U.S. Congress, because he has vision, focus and a clear direction for promoting and driving positive societal change in our lives, schools and communities.”