“That all men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent natural Rights, of which they cannot by any Compact, deprive or divest their Posterity; among which are the Enjoyment of Life and Liberty, with the Means of acquiring and possessing Property, and pursuing and obtaining Happiness and Safety.”—George Mason, draft of Article 1 of the Virginia Declaration of Rights.


I spent my career providing quality health care to veterans, diplomats, retirees and hard-working Virginians. As Regional Medical Director for a correctional health services company for prisons in Virginia, I treat patients with full compassion regardless of crime committed, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.


My experience in my medical field will be reflected in my plan—that is a humanitarian plan with a humanitarian compass. To me every American is an American regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.


I will focus on seeking pay equality and increase the minimum wage, criminal justice reform and women equality.


I suggest that police on duty should not only have cameras on but also get adequate training—educating our police inductees so that they continue to do a great job, however, sometimes we have exceptions that is manifested as institutional racism an ailment that manifests itself in housing, health care, education and even voting rights. This is a great concern to me.


I am now a member with the All On The Line—a grassroots organization that fights for equality, civil rights and improving the voting process. This organization sprang out from Obama for America and is currently under the behest of past Obama Admin Attorney General Eric Holder.


I will do my best to ensure that we implement protections for all classes of Americans, the underserved and the suppressed so that we can gain equality with other Americans toward an ever-brighter tomorrow.


I will make sure that our bills of rights are protected and fight when our system fails us—this system will fail us only if we forget our raison d’Etre as a nation when we forget our universal values and rights. Furthermore, I will fight the greed of corporations and those the top 1% and or other special interests.

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