Jobs for a Strong Virginia Economy

I will do my best so that Virginians’ meaningful work will have basic benefits like healthcare, retirement, and paid family leave. We need good jobs in Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, so that not only our children can stay close to home, but also close the gap of Virginians income inequality.


We need congress to prioritize regulating broadband internet and to fight tooth and nail in building a solid infrastructure that suits the 21st century in developed economies, so that Virginians can flourish, progress and participate in our robust American economy.


Small businesses are the economic backbone of Virginia’s 10th Congressional district. I will work closely with and support small businesses by creating a small business committee to focus on small business issues.


I also strongly support the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage act and the Building and Construction Trades Unions. Project labor agreements are good for our community and ensure quality work on construction projects.

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