Protecting the Environment

My agenda will pursue a collective collaboration with focusing on solving real problems that our people are currently facing, I will not have a divisive agenda and will not be a dividing tool for our people along partisan lines.


My main concern is Climate Change, which is real. Our planet Mother Earth is calling us into action, to do something because of this threat! Not only for economic and national security issues but also for this existential threat to all humanity. We live through our children, this is why I want our government to rejoin the Paris Accord and make sure prospectively no president can withdraw from such a global treaty because this will affect all of us and future progeny.

Climate change is reversible since it is man-made, this was proven after the Covid-19 pandemic causing our ozone layer to close after we closed factories and decreased co2 production. We still have a window of opportunity to act.


There is a risk of rising sea levels in our commonwealth, a reason for us to talk about mass migration out of low-lying and coastal zones. We have to do everything we can to mitigate its effects. Moreover, protecting our river beds and our crops and farmers by building dams in flood zone areas.


We need to invest in research in alternative energy resources. We have to learn how we can get serious about the transition off of fossil fuels and change our energy infrastructure. This will also open a window for new alternative energy job opportunities for the young. We should transform the Climate Change threat and use it to our advantage so that it will be an economic incitement based on scientific recommendations.


Our mission and agenda should increase awareness about this existential threat so that we Virginians can mitigate the economic and environmental devastation that climate change will bring to our country and our state.

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