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I reminisce about the time when I was with Obama for America.


We had as grassroots leaders a conference call with Vice President Joe Biden then where he discussed the plans President Obama laid out in the State of the Union 2015.


Vice President Biden gave us his take on what we can all do to help make and achieve public education progress in our beloved America. He told us about times when high school was not free and was not available to the poor in rural Americans. This new info to me then was etched into my mind—I was in total shock! Then he said a lot of folks like us worked hard until we got Free High school for everyone.


We need to make sure that every child in every public school receives not only the funds needed regardless of zip code or income, but also a course of civics every year—teaching them about government and law so that they do not break the law and waste their future, I think this should be done every year till our children reaches early adulthood so that they can fathom the negative predicament of their immature actions. This will give them the best education and good character so that they stay out of trouble and jails to become a good private citizen and succeed, prospectively.


We all cherish our children, this is why we have to support public schools and increase funding. This will lead working professionals to come to our state and communities pushing companies to invest in Virginia. My collective approach to focus on education will give our children a chance to pursue their dreams here in Virginia. Moreover, this will help our teachers as well—we must pay and respect our children’s teachers because they mold our children’s character with convictions that will stay with them for life. I believe in the goals of the Virginia Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers AFL-CIO.


I will be focused on helping the next generations in a way that makes college more affordable. This will lead to mitigation of loans that will not crush students with debt for years after they graduate and end up not paying loans back. At the same time, we need a compromise that makes sense and is fiscally responsible. This could be done in a way that students can earn money for college while studying by giving them training for jobs in public service, high tech research and peace corp.

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