Shadi Ayyas was born on July 12, 1972 in Beirut, Lebanon. Shadi is a Democratic Candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Virginia’s 10th District. Shadi’s father, Melhem, was building construction developer and his mother, Samira, was a homemaker. His parents taught Shadi the values of generosity, honesty and courage. Shadi grew up in a war zone. His first memory of the 1975 Lebanon civil war was hearing gun shots, being scared and hiding under the living room table. The next act of war event would change Shadi forever.


While his father was driving, their American made blue Oldsmobile with blue leather seats, bombs started dropping around their car, on the way back to their family village in Chouf area of the Lebanon Mountains. His father, mother and himself were extremely scared. This memory was etched into Shadi’s mind and he has never forgotten this experience. These experiences permanently changed Shadi’s life and part of the reason he went into medicine, is strongly anti-war and works to support peace negotiations always before sending our soldiers into war.


Even during the civil war, children went to school. At four years old, Shadi entered Kindergarten at the Seventh Adventist Elementary School in Beirut, Lebanon. He attended Beirut Baptist High School graduating in 1990. After High School, Shadi started his college education at American University of Beirut with a focus in medical studies and geology graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1994. Again, Shadi’s world was ever affected by Lebanon’s civil war.


In 1995, Shadi moved to the United States to California. To pursue his dream of becoming medical doctor he entered St. Mary’s School of Medicine in the Cook Islands in New Zealand. Shadi graduated with a M.D. in 1999. Then in 1999, Shadi moved to Washington, DC to volunteer At the Veterans Affairs Medical Center and then continued his internship in internal medicine at the Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. In 2002, Shadi started another residency in primary care program at the University of Connecticut Medical Center.


From 2009 until 2013, after leaving the U.A.E. U.S. Embassy, Shadi continued as a physician at American Gulf Medical Center.


In 2005, Shadi fell in love with Abeer, a Lebanese national, and they started a long-distance relationship between the U.A.E and Lebanon. Shadi and Abeer were married in 2006. After Shadi and Abeer married, they visited family in Lebanon and during that time another war broke out in Lebanon in 2006. Both Abeer and Shadi were evacuated by U.S. Marines out of Lebanon to the U.S.


From 2009 until 2013, after leaving the U.E.A. U.S. Embassy, Shadi continued as a physician at American Gulf Medical Center and also worked for the Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital.


In 2013, Shadi and Abeer moved back to the United States permanently to the great Commonwealth of Virginia. Then Shadi started working simultaneously as private practitioner, urgent care physician with MedExpress, and Medical Director at MEDICS. From 2017 until 2019, Shadi also worked as an Internist for the Veterans Evaluation Services.


Currently, Dr. Shadi Ayyas is a licensed M.D. in the State of Virginia working as the Regional Medical Director for a correctional health services company for prisons in Virginia, a company that provides medical services to inmates of Virginia’s prison system. In this position, Dr. Ayyas helps monitor utilization and pharmacy management processes for department of corrections in Virginia and various Jails in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.


Dr. Ayyas has earned a reputation of a physician who cares deeply about people. In 2017, he received The American Health Council Best in Medicine Award. Dr. Ayyas is an active associate member of the American Medical Association, a lifetime associate member with The American Health Council, and member of the America College of Physicians.


Shadi, his wife Abeer, live with their two sons, Walid and Daniel, in Purcellville, Virginia.