Social Security & Medicare

As a physician I have worked with retired and senior citizens, I tell you hearing their stories every day is heartbreaking—there are no guarantees or security in life.


As your next Congressman I will make sure that there are no cuts to Medicare and Social Security.


I will make sure that our retirees live a dignified and secure retirement. They deserve it. They have worked hard and paid an arm and a leg so that they can live their senior years with peace of mind—we must honor these earned benefits.


However, the high costs of property insurance and taxes, healthcare and prescription drugs are forcing Virginia’s seniors to continue to work with Disabilities and push them to leave their homes and retire into poverty. As your Congressman, I promise to fight hard and honor all seniors, I will fight against the privatization of Social Security and any kind of roll-backs of Medicare. Furthermore, I will push harder to prioritize affordable senior housing and remodel long-term care services so that our seniors always have the option of living safely and comfortably at home with their loved ones.

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