Tackling Addiction & the Opioid Crisis

As a Regional Medical Director serving areas in four States I belong to 5% of national physicians who are credentialed by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. I can treat opioid addicted patients. Moreover, while fighting the opioid crisis I oversee medications that are associated with MAT programs (Medication Assisted Treatment) such as Naltrexone, Suboxone, Subutex.


I am currently working on policies where there is a significant deficit in the communities for substance abuse treatment in rural underserved areas. This is a project affiliated with substance abuse treatment programs for inmates while in jail and community programs that physicians can refer for continuity of care afterwards.


As your next Congressman, I will tackle the opioid addiction crisis—this opioid epidemic is devastating Virginia’s communities. The same way I treated my patients and supported the Care Act and Medicaid Expansion programs, I will work to ensure that big pharmaceutical companies are held accountable for harmful marketing practices that mislead the American public about the risks of highly addictive prescription drugs.

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