Virginia’s Family Farmers

We need to protect our farmers. The buttress of Virginia agriculture and the cornerstone of our Commonwealth economy and community. I will support farmers with energy efficiency investments. Protecting their crops and produce by protecting trade and opening new markets.


Farmers are contributing to our commonwealth economy and no farmer should be left behind. We need to support innovative approaches to agricultural supporting producers in diversifying their operations, their crops that are grown in Virginia like hay, cotton, wheat, peanuts, barley, tomatoes, potatoes, snap beans, cucumbers, sweet corn, apples and grapes.


In addition to greenhouse and nursery products, soybeans and tobacco.


We have to fund low interest loans to support beginners in farming and help them in a way to include them in the Medicaid expansion program.


Lastly, we should inspire a new generation of young people to participate in farming programs and education so they have opportunities to stay close to home to farm locally and support our rural communities.

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