I’m Shadi Ayyas. I was born in Lebanon during our Civil War.


I’m a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.


My early experiences formed me as a person. My father, Melhem, was building construction developer, my mother, Samira, was a homemaker. My parents taught me the values of generosity, honesty and courage. I grew up in a war zone.


My first memory of the Lebanese civil war was hearing gun shots, being scared and hiding under our living room table. Shortly after, while my father was driving us home in our American made blue Oldsmobile on Mount Lebanon, bombs started dropping around our car. I remember my mother being extremely scared and my father being brave. This memory was etched into my mind. These experiences changed my life, the reason I went into medicine and am strongly anti-war.


My life was changed again when I met the love of my life, Abeer. The love we felt for each other blossomed into a marriage. Shortly after marrying, we visited our families in Lebanon. War broke out again in Lebanon. Abeer and I were evacuated by Marines to the U.S.


Virginians value honesty, hard work and generosity. When I speak to the people in my district I hear their concerns. Having a good job always comes up. Parents want their officials to focus on creating job opportunities locally so their children can stay close to home.


Health care is also at the top of their list. As a physician, I know that health care is on peoples’ mind. I hear it every day. I spent my career providing quality health care to veterans, diplomats, retirees and hard-working Virginians. As Regional Medical Director for a correctional health services company for prisons in Virginia, I treat patients with full compassion regardless of crime committed, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.


The bottom line is people need affordable quality health care. Virginians want a better deal. Premiums that are affordable. We must fix health care and ensure there are no cuts to Medicare.


As my father was a builder, I will also be a builder in my own way, I want to build a society that gives opportunities to my wonderful children, Ryan, Walid and Daniel and all individuals.


I’m Shadi Ayyas, and as your next Congressman, I promise you I will work hard to fix health care, help stop COVID-19, support peace, create jobs, tackle the opioid crisis, support public education, and fight for justice and equality for all.